Class Schedule

Product Demonstration Class for Steam Oven (NU-SC100W)

Class code — PD20200214A


This demonstration class is designed for people who want to know about Panasonic's Electronic Steam Oven(NU-SC100W). Main product features will be introduced in the class, the student can know the useful function and operation of the product.

Steamed flower-shaped roll, Ginger egg white milk pudding

Dishes will be demonstrated by the Cooking Centre Tutor. Students may taste the dishes after the demonstration completed.

 Class date
2020-02-14 (Fri)


 Class Time
15:00 — 16:30


 Class Category Product Demonstration Class, Steam Oven
 Tutor Cooking Centre Tutor
 No. of Student 15
 Status Application deadline has passed
 Language Cantonese


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