Gigi Wong

Gigi Wong, a premier movie and TV star, gained hands-on cooking experience over several decades.  She has been working diligently to develop her knowledge and skills by experimenting with dishes and recipes.  She hosted TV cooking shows 「吾湯吾水」&「吾淑吾食」and both programmes were very well received by audiences.

She has written several popular cookbooks and they are all ranked in the top ten of best-selling books.  Gigi’s cookbook content is precise and easy to understand, with clear cooking steps which share tons of fun.  Her cookbook《濃情美味 Favorite Food for The Beloved》, is not only the " The Best Entertainment Cookbook in Hong Kong 香港最佳消閒娛樂食譜" and "The Best TV Chef Book in Hong Kong香港最佳電視名廚食譜" in Hong Kong's "The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2013", but also the third of "The Best Cookbook in the World 2014".

Gigi loves interacting with students and is willing to share her cooking experience and tips with food lovers.