Vin Ip

Senior Registered Dietitian (USA)

With over 15 years of professional experience, Dietitian Vin is a double-degree holder and has been awarded the Certification of Adult Weight Management which is recognized by the American Dietetic Association. Vin has served as a Dietitian at government hospitals and has experience as a lecturer in Higher Education. Currently serving as a consultant of a food factory and many Nonprofit Organizations, Vin also promotes healthy eating habits and techniques through hosting cooking demonstrations for elderly community centres.

With profound knowledge in nutrition and healthy eating, Dietitian Vin is experienced in leading workshops for pharmaceutical companies, social welfare organizations and businesses, in particular, to convert regular menus to healthy recipes curated for patients that have high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol. To further promote a healthy eating lifestyle, Vin also shares nutritious meal recipes and cooking demonstrations in numerous media interviews.